‘When you get to a certain age and have worked through all the self-help books, know why you have the bad habits, recognise your triggers and know why you feel the way you do but nothing has changed…read more…

…it might mean that you need to do a bit of work with Sam. She’ll help you see things from a different perspective, do what I call a bit of re-training of your brain and be there to hold you accountable while you work through all of this.

Sam has been invaluable in guiding me through that journey, providing endless resources, making me even more self-aware than I was before (in a good way), assigning me homework and providing brilliant feedback. I’m not going to lie, doing the work feels uncomfortable at times but in a way that you know you’re making progress. I hadn’t even realised how little I honestly thought of myself and how much of an effect it was having in all aspects of my life.

I’m less of a procrastinator, like myself a whole lot more and am kinder to myself and feel more balanced generally which in turn has benefited not only my home life but my business too. My journey is not over but I’m so grateful to have Sam accompany me on it.

If you’re tired of just feeling a bit shit all the time, lacking direction and want to get over stuff already, Sam will help you find your passion, unveil your awesomeness and be your compass.

~ Aileen, Scotland

‘Sam is absolutely amazing! Read more…

‘Sam is absolutely amazing! Recently did her circle of 8 training, was so good! She is really great in drawing you out and giving you the tools to move forward. Great person to work with and very knowledgeable in her field of expertise, would highly recommend Sam.’

~ Jacque, France

‘If you decide that you want to invest in yourself, Sam is 100% the person to go to. Read more…

…Working with her regularly has changed my life, literally. In a short space of time she has taught me the skills I need to be able to reflect effectivelytake control of situations, build my confidence, plan and reach goals and many techniques to sooth, cope and reach my full potential. I would recommend her to anybody- no matter what you want to work on or develop. She teaches you to question your thinking and understand how your body and emotions are connected. After sessions with her you will feel like a different person and approach all aspects of your life differently. I am definitely a more positive person now and I have the skills to continue to grow. Sam is calm, soothing, understanding, non-judgmental, explains things very clearly, and challenges you in all the right ways. Her listening skills are unbelievable and the knowledge she has about wellbeing is admirable. I cannot recommend her enough. If you’re someone who is thinking about investing in yourself, just do it! Your life could be completely changed like mine! Thank you Sam, you’re amazing!’

~Daisy, England

‘Very intuitive, empathetic and patient practitioner…read more…

…Sam clearly has a passion and in-depth knowledge of her complementary therapies and cares very much about an individually tailored experience for every client. Felt very safe and relaxed in Sam’s care. Highly recommend Samantha as a therapist, particularly if it’s your first time or you’re nervous. Very calming personality. Looking forward to trying more of her treatments.’

~ Fiona, Scotland

‘Sam is absolutely amazing! Her nature and professionalism is outstanding. Read more…

…She really listens to you and tailors her treatments accordingly. I always come away from her feeling so much more relaxed and rejuvenated. I’ve had reflexology, massage and hot stones massages from Sam, hot stones being my absolute favourite. I look forward to booking my next appointment with her as I can’t recommend her highly enough.’ 🙂 

~ Alison, Scotland

‘I had the two hour deluxe treatment today and Sam is just wonderful. Read more…

…Firstly having a chat to see how I was and any areas that needed special attention and then a full back, shoulder, neck, head, face and legs massage followed by a superb reflexology session. I would recommend Sam to everyone as each treatment is individually tailored to the person. Wonderful!’

~ Emma, Scotland

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