Are You Giving TOO Much in Relationships?

Are You Giving TOO Much in Relationships?

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Stop Feeling Resentment Today!

Do you often feel resentment bubbling inside, ready to explode whenever your basic values of respect are ignored? Read on to find out why giving too much in relationships is having the exact opposite effect of what you desire!

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The Downside of Over-Giving

Many of us believe that by constantly giving, we are fostering love and connection. However, this often pushes away the love we crave and deserve. Let’s explore how to shift this dynamic.

Understanding Your Energy

Bringing conscious awareness to the energy we operate in is crucial. Here’s how masculine and feminine energies manifest in relationships:

Masculine Energy Traits

  • Assertiveness: Confidently stating opinions and taking charge.
  • Ambition: Striving for success and achieving goals.
  • Independence: Making decisions and taking responsibility.
  • Courage: Facing challenges and taking risks.
  • Logical Thinking: Analysing problems and making rational decisions.
  • Physical Strength: Exerting force and endurance.
  • Competitive Spirit: The drive to excel.
  • Self-Reliance: Relying on oneself for needs.
  • Rationality: Staying calm in emotionally charged situations.
  • Leadership: Inspiring and guiding others.

Feminine Energy Traits

  • Empathy: Understanding and relating to others’ emotions.
  • Nurturing: Caring for and supporting others.
  • Intuition: Sensing and understanding beyond logic.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Managing one’s own and others’ emotions.
  • Creativity: Thinking outside the box.
  • Sensitivity: Being attuned to subtle changes.
  • Collaboration: Working with others towards common goals.
  • Adaptability: Adjusting to changing circumstances.
  • Compassion: Showing kindness and understanding.
  • Openness: Embracing new ideas and perspectives.
  • Receptivity: Receiving love without the need to reciprocate immediately.
  • Vulnerability: Expressing feelings honestly.
Image Source: Voices of Youth

The Balance Between Energies

Often, due to past experiences or societal pressures, we find ourselves stuck in masculine energy, focused on doing and giving. This can lead to feelings of heaviness, resentment, and emotional imbalance. I know as a single mum for years that my default mode was ‘MASCULINE,’ simply due to the all the responsibility being on my shoulders, unable to ever sink into my natural feminine energy.

Reflect on Your Energy Usage

Consider where you spend most of your energy. Are you constantly in “doing” mode? Is this truly making things easier, or is it leading to feelings of anger, loneliness, and being unloved?

The Seesaw Effect

Think of your relationships as a seesaw. Balance is achieved when both people contribute and support each other. To feel more cared for, loved and supported, both parties need to adjust their energies!

  • Demand More: Asking for what you need and deserve may seem heavy and demanding, but having expectations of others, gives you the weight you need to bring the Seesaw down. Others can rise to support you, letting you relax safely and feel grounded.
  • Encourage Their Efforts: Allowing your partner to do something for you, boosts their confidence and self-worth, in turn, lightening their load and raising them up!

When both partners can move fluidly between masculine and feminine energies, the relationship feels balanced, enjoyable and fun. No longer leaving one stuck in the air or abandoning completely, letting you fall to the ground with a crash!

Practical Steps to Rebalance

Next time you feel resistance and bubbling resentment, ask yourself:

“What energy am I operating in right now?”

Adjust your energy and observe how the other person responds. This conscious shift can transform your relationship dynamics. It’s essential for us to take full responsibility for how our energy effects the relationship.

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Reflection Summary: Key Moments

Take a moment to reflect on these key insights:

  • Resentment as a Signal: Recognise resentment as a sign that you may be giving too much and neglecting your own needs.
  • Energy Awareness: Understand the importance of balancing masculine and feminine energies in your relationships.
  • Empowerment through Vulnerability: Embrace vulnerability and receptivity to unlock deeper connections and love.
  • The Seesaw of Balance: Visualise your relationships as a seesaw, where balance is achieved through mutual support and clear communication.

Let these reflections guide you towards healthier, more fulfilling relationships. Remember, you deserve to receive as much as you give.

With love,

Sam x

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