12 Days of YOU Somatic Challenge: From Stressed to Calm

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Putting yourself first isn’t selfish, it’s self-love and necessary.

~ Unknown

Are you tired of feeling burnout and overlooked by others? It’s time to regulate your nervous system and make YOU a top priority in your life.

Start our 12 DAYS OF YOU Somatic Challenge to move your from stress and doubt to calm and assured, today!

How can I prioritise myself without feeling guilty with Somatic Exercises?

During the grind of life, it’s easy to lose ourselves amidst the needs and expectations of others. Yet, honouring our own needs isn’t selfishness; it’s self-respect. It’s about recognising that we cannot pour from an empty cup. Prioritising yourself isn’t about neglecting others; it’s about acknowledging your worth and nurturing the flame of passion within you. Embrace the truth that self-care isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity for your well-being. Our 12 Days of YOU Somatic Challenge, will help you let go of the guilt, and dare to place yourself at the top of your priority list. It takes courage. You may receive negative feedback, but remember, those who take up an issue with you taking care of yourself, were benefiting from you not respecting your own needs.

How can I build self-belief when faced with doubt?

Doubt may weave its threads, casting shadows on our self-belief. Yet, during uncertainty, lies the opportunity for GROWTH. Instead of allowing doubt to diminish your light, harness it as a catalyst for self-discovery. Cultivate your own secret garden of self-compassion, where even the smallest buds of belief are nurtured with care. Remember, self-belief isn’t about having all the answers; it’s about trusting yourself enough to take the next step, even when the path is unclear. Embrace your vulnerability and you will find seeds of courage and resilience.

Somatic Exercises Techniques for Women

How can I silence my inner critic and embrace self-confidence?

Ah, the inner critic – that relentless voice that whispers doubt and fear into the corridors of our minds. Yet, know this: you hold the power to rewrite the script. When we challenge the narratives that seek to diminish your worth, we create the right conditions needed to nurture ourselves with words of love and compassion. This isn’t easy, but it starts by joining us and completing the 12 Days of YOU Somatic Challenge. By completing short and easy Somatic exercises every day, we build up our self-care practises which have a cumulative effect on our wellness. You can then design your own daily ritual filled with the tools which you love and make this time for yourself a non-negotiable.

How do Somatic Exercises help me overcome imposter syndrome and own my achievements?

Imposter syndrome is merely a mirage – a distortion of reality that obscures our true worth. The insidious whisper that undermines our accomplishments and dims our inner light spirals into internal screams, felt within our core and throughout our entire body. Feelings memorised onto our cells that seem impossible to re-programme. Yet, when we set time for self-reflection and celebrate our achievements and WINS, however big or small, we silence the voice. We bring calmness back to our minds, bodies and hearts. Validation that comes from YOU and not from anybody else brings you back to yourself.

The only question that matters is: ARE YOU WILLING?

Embrace your successes and let them serve as beacons of inspiration on your path to self-empowerment.

How can I set boundaries to protect my self-worth and energy?

Ah, boundaries – the sacred fences we build to safeguard our hearts and preserve our peace. Know that setting boundaries isn’t an act of selfishness; it’s an act of self-love. It’s about honoring your needs and protecting your energy from those who seek to dim your light. Be courageous in articulating your limits, for boundaries are the cornerstone of healthy relationships – with others and with yourself. Remember, you are worthy of respect, and your boundaries serve as the guardians of your self-worth. Embrace the power of saying no when it aligns with your truth, and watch as your inner strength blossoms like a flower unfurling its petals to the sun.

What are Somatic Exercises and do they really work?

The beauty of Somatic Exercises is they help move and release silent trauma and tension, trapped within our body, unknown to us that it is even there. By using gentle exercises that you can use yourself, safely at home, you can start including your BODY into your healing journey.

For too long, we’ve approached therapy by addressing our minds and thoughts only. But our mind, body and spirit is interwoven as ONE.

Do the Somatic exercises really work? Just like anything good for us, the accumulative effect of daily practice takes determination and self-discipline. Repetition is KEY. Our 12 Days of YOU Somatic Challenge is just the beginning. Your first step into discovering tools that can help move your forward. What have you got to lose?

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